Drainage is fascinating

It was our last full working day on Friday and the day was busy with drain unblocking, continuing painting the Manse, painting the roof on House Two, and drystone dyking. Mid morning, we got the call that the snowy owl from the previous week was was in Village Bay, and it was all tools down and up to Head Dyke to catch a view of her. 



One of our jobs was to repair the door to Lady Grange’s cleit. Phil and Bruce proudly completed this task and even tested it by locking the work party leader inside! Luckily they came back to open the door!



In all we cleared eight of our work party tasks. We felt we deserved our fabulous dinner of Chinese style pork, followed by a walk along the street and a drink in the Puff Inn. 


2 thoughts on “Drainage is fascinating

  1. Please tell Phil that Catherine says he’s going to Edinburgh. Xxxx
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Phil and Bruce, the door was made by my mother, Mary Barton in the 1970’s. Great to see it working again
    Hugh Barton

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