Live from St Kilda!

Live from St Kilda, Work Party 3’s first blog from their work party leader, Donald:

We were supposed to depart from Leverburgh on Wednesday 17th, but sadly, the weather was awful, and Angus of Kilda Cruises (, decided to wait till Thursday. Thursday was not much better, but eventually the call came to go to the jetty for 11ish. We did and loaded the boat, however the weather was not much better (Angus said the swell at sea was 3.8m!). He decided to wait till mid afternoon, and gave us a call at 3 that we were going to “give it a go”. We have a 2 day window to make the crossing and change over with the other work party, and of course they were sitti9ng on Hirta not knowing when they would get off. Some would have booked flights, ferries and trains, so would be becoming anxious.

We departed shortly after 3, and the crossi9ng can best be described as “not great”. Most I have to say were ok, 2 were quite ill and I sat with my eyes shut trying to think of nice things.

We arrived, unloaded, and were transporting everything up to the village by 7pm.

By the time we had checked the supplies, tidied them away and unpacked, it was a warming soup made by Malcolm our cook while we had a briefing from the Warden , the Archaeologist and the Bird Ranger, then most went for an early bed.

Today was spent becoming acquainted with the village – our walk through the village took 3 hours!, lunch then a walk to Ruival this afternoon.

The mist has hung around the 300’ level all day and there has been a gentle rain. Despite this, several stood on the Mistress Stone, and we had the usual welcome from the bonxies on our way home.

The weather is due to improve tomorrow, and we will ease ourselves in to the work programme.

Kevin the archaeologist said that one quite often finds artefacts in the old stone walls. While standing outside House 5 talking, Stuart looked at the wall, and took out a beautiful little round “perfume bottle?”. He has put it back in to its context till he can show it to Kevin. This immediately triggered others to look at the walls more carefully.